Welcome to my ART-World... you will find sculptures, paintigs and an edition-house for books

I am an artist with body and soul,

a sculptor, painter and author
I invite you to have a look around. It doesn't matter, how close you are to art, maybe you have never been to a museum or an exhibition...

let yourself be surprised!


in the gallery at the Kunstbahnhof in Montcaret you can see and buy my works in REAL. If France is a bit far, feel free to look here in the gallery. To buy art can mean to get a new view, another view into your inner space. The more open this process can be, especially without quick values, the more doors art can open for you.


in my publishing house Annem Éditions you can read how life-changing art can be. My first book MorgenSonnenEis is just coming out. You can pre-order it here

...about me:

Art as a sculptor and painter only entered my life after half a life for music. Full of joy, I took advantage of the mid-life crisis to study art at the Alanus University of Art and Society near Cologne. After my diploma in 2004, love made me move to France, where I did many exhibitions and projects. In 2015, I had my own gallery in Saint Emilion. During this time, my artworks have been sold all over the world. I still consider this a miracle to this day. Then in 2018 I found the ideal space to work AND exhibit with my Stationhouse of Art in Montcaret near Bordeaux. You can make an appointment with me at any time via the button.

Since 2019 I live and work in Spain by the sea and come to France once a month.