Hello, this is AnnetteB., the kingmaker. I am the artist behind Karen Sailer`s "Lovegate" international film-project. I met Karen Sailer during a marketing event in Cologne and it all ended up with Karen and her horse Habanero becoming my first clients in my brand new ArtRetreat in France and I became the co-author and creator of the name "Lovegate" in this breathtaking story that Karen Sailer is bringing to the world with her revolutionary and breathtaking films. I am sure Karen has told you all the important elements of this special story.

Today I would like to invite you to my own artistic project that will accompany the worldwide release of "Lovegate".

170 life-size "good King" bronzes, whose unique crowns will connect with your professional mission and which we will create together.  This "good King" will be like a torchbearer spreading a network of light across the globe for your and all ideas of a better world.

Karen Sailer has the first one in Ibiza, he stands for her "Wild-Heart" and Lovegate movment, the second is in a castle in France, where Lovegate has its roots, the third in New York, where it unites white and black people in love, and the fourth in Spain by the sea, so that I can show it to you in real life and inspire you with my vision.
I especially want women for him, because they have also set out to replace the 6000-year-old paradigm of domination and war in order to give space to a "good" king who serves them and life.

I cordially invite you to attend his premiere live in my online gallery Neuand by AnnetteB. on 12.12.2023 .
... you will find out why he poses so wonderfully in Monument Valley and much more....
and I will listen curiously to your missions, my heart is already jumping for joy at the idea, because it loves to feel that there are such powerful and wonderful missions to make the world a little better